Using your Imagination with Wedgits

We often refer to building blocks as the start or foundation of something basic and important.  In the realm of children’s education, building blocks have the same significance.  Research has shown that building blocks such as WEDGiTS toys encourage creative thinking and spatial reasoning. Children are presented with a pile of WEDGiTS blocks and see […]

The Importance of Play

Children play because it gives them pleasure. They do not play when it is not enjoyable or if they are bored with the game. Play is also an essential part of their education because while they are playing they are learning. It is an important part of socialisation. Children need opportunities both to play with […]

Toys for All Ages

As we saw in the previous topic, children play happily with many different objects which they find around the house and garden. They use these objects as toys. Nevertheless, toys which are specially made for children will also give them much pleasure and help to increase the variety and interest of their games. Choose a […]

Fundamentals of Play

Looking for toys that help your children learn and grow while having fun? Here are some fundamentals to help you find just the right toy! Independent Play Children playing independently learn self confidence and figure out solutions for themselves. Toys in this category may encourage role playing and creative story development. Kids can think problems […]